Through your support, our team is able to travel across Zimbabwe introducing golf to schools. Your support also provides equipment (clubs and balls), covers competition fees, and ensures reasonable accommodation can be offered to the students and trainers within our Academy. THANK YOU FOR YOUR DONATION.
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MARUSP Golf is a first-of-its-kind initiative committed to taking golf to rural areas and disadvantaged urban communities in Africa, where this sport has little to no visibility. The sport which has always been known as an elitist sport in Africa where there is little to no chance for some communities to even get a glimpse of the game is now being promoted to disadvantaged and economically poor communities across Zimbabwe. The project was developed by golfer and self-made entrepreneur Tavenganiswa Mabikacheche. This initiative has been built by hand through Mr. Mabikacheche’s own personal effort traveling in his car to different regions in Zimbabwe. With no funding, he privately visited school to school in the rural areas of Zimbabwe, teaching the fundamentals of his much-loved sport. Having grown up in the rural areas himself, and having moved to the city to build his life there, he felt very passionate about the sport and had the drive to share the sport that he learned back to the rural communities.

The concept of providing lost cost training and engagement for rural and peri-urban young individuals for golf development in Zimbabwe started in 1999 at a school in Chivhu. Over the last 20 years, MARUSPs reach has continued to grow in rural areas. To date, we have reached 6 key provinces, introducing the game to children and youth while helping them reimagine the possibilities for their careers through the acquired etiquette from golf.

We hope you will join us to continue amplifying our efforts and to support some of the next professional golfers coming out of Zimbabwe.

Your support helps us amplify our work. We conduct training sessions for teachers and other community instructors that help amplify our impact. Most students receive the first-hand experience of playing on a golf course when we host them at one for end-of-term tournaments. Otherwise, they find creative ways and locations to play the sport while still grasping all the fundamentals in a lost cost manner. Students in the communities who exhibit great talents are recruited into the MARUSP academy which puts them on the track to make a living through golf either as a professional teacher or player.

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